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Vanuatu Residency provides you and your family a new place to call home in a Peaceful South Pacific Paradise that has Won the Happiest Place in the World Award Twice! The process to become a resident involves some administration matters and the team at ICOUNT are very proficient at understanding the steps for residential Vanuatu migration. 

iCOUNT has a team of specialist who simply do one task and one task only...this is to assist investors, migrants, retirees and the like wishing to obtain residency and work permits of Vanuatu. Entry to, and residence in, Vanuatu is governed by the Immigration Act (Cap 66) as amended and by Immigration Orders issued by the Minister from time to time.

Whether you want to live, work or invest in Vanuatu, we can assist ! 

iCOUNT, located in Port Vila town, less than a few hundreds of metres from the head office of Immigration as well as the Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority. The iCOUNT Residency and Immigration team dedicated to providing Vanuatu Visa advice and handle Vanuatu Visa applications as a team. The Immigration advisor will be in contact with the immigration department, means taking care of  the renewal of a Work Permit for a non-citizen worker or  the change of employer by a non-citizen worker and requirements for future new foreign workers can all be efficiently arranged on your behalf in accordance with the Vanuatu Labour (Work Permits) Act [Cap 187].

ICOUNT has been a leading advocate for investments in Vanuatu assisting many of the countries contended investors with all stages of VIPA Certificate application process and ongoing liaison. So if you are a foreign investor looking for opportunity to start a new business or expand your current business activities in Vanuatu, ICOUNT may be your best partner. Our highly experienced team will ensure that your intended business model complies with the regulatory requirements and take you on the fastest route to VIPA approval.

Talk to the team at ICOUNT via the form below about your Residency interest in Vanuatu. There are various types of Residency and even Citizenship options available depending on your personal and business ambitions and circumstances. The team looks forward to showing you the path to do business in Vanuatu or make Vanuatu your new home!

Vanuatu isn’t just a beautiful island paradise; it’s a business paradise too.

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