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IFTC - International Finance Trust Company is a Vanuatu Government licensed Trust Services company and available to serve ICOUNT clients with a variety of Trustee services. Through IFTC, ICOUNT is a long established leader in trust services. We can offer a wide range of trust services via International Finance Trust Company (IFTC) which is a licensed trust services provider able to act as a trustee for international investment arrangements across many jurisdictions and within Vanuatu. Our professional and experienced trust managers are able to represent you or your nominated company’s interests with aspects such as share takeovers, financial allotments, as well as, other transactions and provide other trust services tailored to meet your needs and objectives.

IFTC provides Trustee services for International investment arrangements within Vanuatu and worldwide. The team of Professional Trust Managers can represent you or your nominated corporations interests with aspects such as share takeovers, financial allotments and other transactions that involve multiple parties. 

If you require Trust services, please complete the form below and a member of the IFTC team will be pleased to provide relevant and timely information to your service request.  

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