Helping you do business in Vanuatu.

Local businesses can be set up easily, and without much of the paperwork that international businesses need. Our strong relationships with government networks and banks will make the process that much faster and simpler for you.

All it takes is VAT registration and a business license, and these are relatively straight forward to obtain. Vanuatu is a stable and well respected International Finance Center, so there are no capital gains taxes, income taxes, or withholding taxes, which makes our country an attractive choice when starting a business.

We help local businesses with:

Chartered Accountants 

ICOUNT is a Chartered Accounting Firm headed by Qualified Accountants registered with the Institute of Chartered Accountants. Engage iCOUNT for Annual financial accounts preparation including Balance sheets and Profit & Loss as well as all other financial accounting services. 

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Book Keeping and Payroll Services 

The team of accountants at iCOUNT are very astute at book keeping and payroll services. Leave the entire tasks of keeping your accounts and/or payroll up to date by engaging the professional team. 

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Business Consulting 

ICOUNT has a team of Professionals that have  a diverse range of business experiences both in Vanuatu and around the world.

iCOUNT offers a wide range of Business Consulting Services learn more 

Business Valuations

Engage iCOUNT to prepare a business valuation for your Vanuatu business using our expert team who has market relevant information on recent company valuation within Port Vila, Luganville and other parts of Vanuatu.

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Professional Audits  

Audit Services has been a key part of the iCOUNT business since establishment forty years ago.

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Internal  Audits & Procedures 

Our team of Processionals have extensive experience in creating internal audit procedures for companies of any size. 

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Receivership and Liquidation

iCOUNT has contracted various times for Vanuatu banks such as Westpac (now BSP) for liquidation and receivership management across various industries including manufacturing and hospitality. 

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Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Audits & Procedures 

iCOUNT has been contracted for various AML Audits and advisory to procedure documents in accordance with international standards and Vanuatu law. 

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Business Licence

This process is less stringent for local businesses than international ones, and you won't need a VIPA or residency permit either. With our help, we can make this a very fast and easy process for you.

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VAT Registration and Returns 

VAT registration is compulsory for entities with a turnover in excess of Vt4,000,000. As a resident, VAT registration is a simple process. Most companies collect their receipts, which we then lodge to see if they can get a refund. 

Engage iCOUNT for all your VAT returns 

Work Permits 

A dedicated team within ICOUNT is available to prepare, submit and complete single or multiple work permits according to your instructions. 

Learn more about Vanuatu Work Permit requirements 

Financial Policies & Planning 

Engage iCOUNT to help plan, forecast and implement financial policies for your organisation. 

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Trust Account Services

iCOUNT is able to organise funds in a trust for beneficiaries, whether this involves local or international people.

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If you are currently negotiating the acquisition or sale of a business or property investment in Vanuatu then please be aware that iCOUNT has extensive experience in ensuring successful transition including contractual commitments and relevant Government stamp duties. 

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VNPF, Human Resources and Recruitment 

Investing into Vanuatu or expanding? Take advantage of our extensive experience and connections in Vanuatu and let our team assist your human resources management and recruitment process.  

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Insurance Advice and Facilitation 

Being in business requires insurance cover for various aspects such as workers compensation, building/asset protection and so forth. iCOUNT can provide expert assistance with Vanuatu specific requirements relevant to your business.  

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Property and Asset Management  

iCOUNT provides property and asset management services for both local and international investors on a wide variety of investments. A dedicated iCOUNT team can ensure tenancy management, accounting and other services to look after your assets in Vanuatu. 

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