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iCOUNT has helped many entrepreneurs and investors determine fair business valuations. The team is ready to help determine what your business is worth, alternatively if you are looking to invest  or take over an existing business, engage iCOUNT to prepare a business valuation for the Vanuatu business using our expert team who has market relevant information on recent company valuation within Port Vila, Luganville and other parts of Vanuatu. The Professionals are assisted by a team of very experienced Senior accountants who perform accounting duties for companies and organisations of all sizes.

Your iCOUNT consultant has access to various market value reports from by business, banks and property market participants within Vanuatu to determine the most timely and relevant market value. The Vanuatu data ensures an accurate market approach business valuation method is also appreciated by the local Vanuatu banks.  Your appointed consultant will review the net present value of future benefits associated with the business you wish to sell in line with official Vanuatu growth rates.  Considering the growth in economy and population a Vanuatu rate of return can be determined.

If your Valuation is to be used to sell the business, please note that we offer Conveyancing services. Engagement of Professional conveyances for the sale of your Vanuatu business is especially important if the transaction involves property. Contact our expert team for more information on our business valuation and conveyancing services.

Vanuatu isn’t just a beautiful island paradise; it’s a business paradise too.

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