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ICOUNT is a Chartered Accounting Firm headed by Qualified Accountants registered with the Institute of Chartered Accountants. The Professionals are assisted by a team of very experienced Senior accountants who perform accounting duties for companies and organisations of all sizes.

Our team of Processionals have extensive experience in creating internal audit procedures for companies of any size. Since the 1970’s our Professionals have lead with trust & confidentiality in Successful collaboration with thousands of local and International Entrepreneurs.  Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, the iCOUNT team can offer an impartial and objective internal audit to ensure organizational policies and procedures are being followed and to alert management of gaps in policy.

The iCOUNT business approach to client services allows our clients to concentrate on the growth and development of their business knowing that we are providing the guidance and, in the case of internal audits, the supervision necessary for proper planning.  iCOUNT will help you streamline your process to run better, faster or more efficiently by committing to an Audit timeline (usually a yearly schedule).  Following the tabulation of internal audit results, the Client Manager  will clearly explain areas of weakness that need to be addressed in person and within iCOUNT provided reports. iCount will provide corrective guidance actions recommended, and then proceed to ensure that we monitor and consult until it is actually fixed.

Overall, the aim of the iCOUNT internal audit service is to help you streamline your process to run better, faster or more efficiently. If you have a current internal management concern identified  your assigned team of iCOUNT consultants will implement specific audit processes that can look at to assist your organisation to identify relevant information.

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