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ICOUNT is a Chartered Accounting Firm headed by Qualified Accountants registered with the Institute of Chartered Accountants. As Vanuatu is a developing nation that become the Republic of Vanuatu, the Property, in the form of Lease Titles, is a key part of the Vanuatu development. iCOUNT has a dedicated Property Asset management and advisory team  who perform real estate management, landlord duties and other property services for vanuatu companies, custom land owners and organisations of all sizes.

iCOUNT offers a full service in terms of Real Estate management and conveyancing services are available for residential, commercial and agricultural properties including;

  • Settlement and Due Dilligence for Property Exchange
  • Vanuatu Property Law Advice 
  • Custom Landowner Representation and wealth management advisory
  • Leasehold titles services including searches, registration process advice and management
  • Strata titles registration consultancy and Strata Management Services
  • Property sales
  • Business Sales
  • Buying a Business in Vanuatu
  • Property acquisitions
  • Management of development budgets and transactions  on behalf of investors We deal with leasehold titles and strata titles.  
  • Residential letting leases 
  • Preparation of rental agreements
  • Enforcement of rental agreements / tenant management

iCOUNT provides property and asset management services for both local and international investors as well as Custom Land Owners for a wide variety of investments. A dedicated iCOUNT team can ensure tenancy management, accounting and other services to look after your assets in Vanuatu. 

The iCOUNT Property advisory and Conveyancing division has decades of experience in successful buyer and seller property exchanges. In the decades iCOUNT has worked with all aspects of the property market including large developments and land owner lease registration.

With such diverse experiences we have a complete comprehension and understanding of the complexities of Vanuatu land laws. Whilst the process of stamp duty, exchange contracts and so forth are of international standards, there are property issues unique to Vanuatu, and therefore we highly recommend you provide our team the opportunity to give you an advantage in Vanuatu property investment decisions.

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Vanuatu isn’t just a beautiful island paradise; it’s a business paradise too.

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