Business Support and Advisory

Our team offers expert advice that can provide your business with greater stability and profitability.

At iCOUNT, we strive at delivering professional and quality business advisory services. Led by qualified advisors with a diverse range of business experiences and backgrounds, our team offers expert advice that can provide your business with greater stability and profitability. If you intend to invest or expand your business in Vanuatu, iCOUNT is your trusted partner and we can:

  • Provide advice on establishment of new business
  • Prepare company manuals, policies and procedures for internal controls  and compliance purposes
  • Assist in Forecasting and Budgeting
  • Advise and assist in Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Recommend financial restructuring
  • Assist in Receivership and Liquidation
  • Prepare and assess Business Valuations
  • Provide advice on taxation and due diligence
  • Provide conveyancing for property transactions
With qualified CA and CPA, licensed and approved professionals providing services since 1971, our clients experience an international standard of services at all intervals. At iCOUNT, we offer a complete range of accounting and financial services that is Expert-led and tailored to your business needs.
Blockchain is concerned with the transfer of ownership of assets and maintaining a ledger of accurate financial and transactional information, and is an exciting global disruptor.
Participants can now exchange value on a peer-to-peer basis. While blockchain records make an asset ownership verifiable, audit and due diligence deliver transaction level assertion. This a critical step in accounting for digital assets, and identifying an asset:
  • recoverable value and economic worth; and
  • its condition, location, and true worth.
iCOUNT can assist you to unlock the potential and assist you with:
  • Blockchain business model development;
  • Blockchain implementation project management;
  • Blockchain Due Diligence;
  • Audit of Smart Contracts; and
  • Blockchain application education and training.

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