Registrations and Licensing

Your portfolio of licenses and associated permits can become overwhelming to manage when you have to deal with various regulators in Vanuatu for international and local licenses and annual renewals.

iCOUNT can help you manage your license requirements—accounting for all your deadlines and keeping you current on changing regulations. We can assist in application and renewals of licenses and permits such as:

  • Vanuatu Foreign Investors Approval (VFIA)
  • Local Company Business License
  • Municipal Permit
  • Specific business activity approval and licenses such as liquor, education, logging, mining etc.
  • Work Permit for employees
  • Residency Permit for permanent  residency (10 year), investor or employee
  • Insurance license (local or international)
  • Captive Insurance License
  • Financial Dealer License
  • International Banking License
  • Interactive Gaming License
  • Lottery  License
  • Mutual Fund License
  • Unit Trust Establishment and licensing
  • Trademark registration

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